Judge David Lynn
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Capt. David Lynn III

Capt. David Lynn III, CSA (1837-1904)

Captain David Lynn III, CSA, son of John Galloway Lynn and Rebecca Beall Singleton Lynn, was born December 30, 1837 in Cumberland, Allegheny Co., Maryland .  

On December 26, 1860 at St. Matthews Church in Wheeling , West Virginia David married Mary Jane Acheson (Mollie).  The marriage was performed by the Rev. E. T. Perkins.  “A lovely reception followed the ceremony, given by her parents to meet the bride and groom.”  

Mary Jane was the daughter of James Cummins Acheson and Lavinia Northrup Acheson.  Mary Jane was born May 28, 1840 in Columbus, Ohio.  Her paternal grandparents were Major General Thomas Acheson and Jane Cummins Acheson of Pennsylvania.  Click here for more information about the Achesons.

Mary Jane Acheson Lynn (1840-1892)

 Just one year after their marriage, the Civil War began in 1861.  According to family legend, David and his two brothers, John Galloway Lynn II and Sprigg Singleton Lynn jumped into the Potomac and swam across to Virginia  (now West VA) to join the Confederacy.  During the Civil War he served as Captain of the 18th Virginia Cavalry, Partisan Rangers, and Company L, 19th Virginia Cavalry.  He served primarily in and around Cumberland , Maryland.  Captain David Lynn, CSA was captured by “Yankee” troops in Hampshire County, Virginia.  He was sent to Sandusky, Ohio to Johnson Island Prison of War Camp where he served out the War.  He was paroled February 24, 1865 after swearing the Oath of Allegiance. 

“Among the young men who served in the Confederate Army from Cumberland were Sprigg S. Lynn, wounded; John G. Lynn, David Lynn, etc.”       History of Allegany County , pg. 1387  

Lew Wallace, the army general who took over and ran Maryland under Marshal Law after the War would not allow any rebel soldiers back into Maryland since they were considered traitors.  All Rebel soldiers were allowed to go home but not the men from the border states that fought for the CSA.  It was seven or eight years before the “Yankee” establishment finally settled with the ex-rebel soldiers. So, the three Lynn brothers took off for Colorado and herded cattle as cowboys for a number of years before returning to Maryland.  South Trimble Lynn, Sr. relates that his dad, David Lynn IV visited his uncles in Colorado and told of starving Indians knocking on their door to beg food during the winter.  David IV and his brother Albert had the opportunity to meet Wyatt Earp.

The 1870 US Federal census lists David, his wife and two little girls, Lavinia, 3 yrs old and Rebecca, 1 yr old. living with Mary Jane's mother, Lavinia Acheson in Wheeling, West Virginia.  Also listed as members of the household were Mary Jane's brothers, Thomas-23, James-21, Harry-10.  Other people listed as living with them were Annie Harrington, Mary Daily and Eliza Daily.  David's occupation is listed as Iron Manufacturing.

After being allowed to return to Maryland, David Lynn and Mary J. Acheson and their four children enjoyed many happy times at “Rose Hill”, built by his grandfather, Captain David Lynn in 1801, Cumberland Maryland.

Children of David and Mary Jane Acheson Lynn:

1. Ernest Acheson Lynn, born September 1, 1862; Died at age 11 months.

2. Lavinia Acheson Lynn, born December 8, 1866 in Wheeling, W. VA; Died October 16, 1922; Buried at Prospect Hills Cemetery, Towson, MD; Married William Henry Dosh on November 18, 1896 in Trinity Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.  He was the son of Thomas Dosh and Katherine Brown. He was born in 1869 and died June 28, 1950; Buried also at Prospect Hills Cemetery.

3. Rebecca Singleton Lynn, born September 6, 1868; Died October 13, 1955, Washington D.C.; Married James D. Jack. who was born January 15, 1862 in Summerfield, PA and died January 1949 in Washington, D.C.

4. Albert Cummins Lynn, born July 7, 1871, Wheeling, VA; Died January 1949, Washington, D.C.; Buried at Arlington National Cemetery;  Married (1.) Evelyn Meacham on November 19, 1900.  Evelyn was born May 11, 1881 in Rockville, Indiana and died October 29, 1913 in Washington, D.C.  She was the daughter of John Frederick Meacham and Rosamond Burnett.  She is buried at the Glenwood Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

5. David Lynn IV, (7th Architect of the US Capitol) born November 10, 1873, Wheeling, W. VA; Died May 25, 1962 in Washington, D.C.  Married Margaret Allen Trimble on May 7, 1924 in St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. Margaret was born April 5, 1894 in Franklin Co., Kentucky and was the daughter of  South Trimble and Carrie Allan.  Margaret died January 6, 1973 in Washington, D.C.

David and Mollie purchased Point Patience at Solomon’s Island, Maryland in accordance with a scheme to make it a deep seaport well short of Baltimore, Maryland.  Tom, an old black servant of the Lynn family in Cumberland asked and was granted his wish to accompany the Lynn’s to Point Patience where he helped raise their sons, Albert and David.  A railroad spur was to connect with the seaport and thusly create a new  “Baltimore”.  The deal fell through and after the death of Mollie, the family moved to Hyattsville, Maryland, just outside of the District of Columbia.   Mary Jane (Mollie) was buried in the Lynn lot at "Rose Hill" Cemetery in Cumberland, MD.  She was buried next to her infant son, Ernest Acheson Lynn who died at age eleven months.

Family Photo on Front Lawn of Rose Hill
Top Left to Right: Rebecca Singleton Lynn, Unknown, Nellie Lynn
Middle Let to Right: Mary Lynn Magruder, Unknown, Rebecca Singleton Lynn, Lavinia Acheson Lynn
Front: Albert Cummins Lynn, David Lynn IV and their 3 legged dog.

Lavinia Acheson Lynn Dosh (1866-1922)

Rebecca Singleton Lynn Jack (1868-1955)

David Lynn IV (1873-1962)
Albert Cummins Lynn (1871-1949)

Capt. David Lynn III (1837-1904)
David Lynn 1837-1904 (from his obituary)  An old citizen passed away.  David    Lynn died at Hyattsville, near Washington, a native of Allegheny County, for many years prominent in city affairs, descendent of one of the oldest families of Maryland.
News was received in this city, Cumberland of Mr. David Lynn, for many years a prominent citizen of this place.  The event occurred at his residence, at Hyattsville, a suburb of Washington City at four o’clock this morning.  Mr. Lynn was 67 years of age, born Dec. 30, 1837 and was a member of a family that was prominently identified with Allegheny County, from the time of its formation.  In consideration of this fact, when the continental anniversary of the County was celebrated in 1889, it was deemed proper to select a descendent of David Lynn of Revolutionary fame for Chief Marshall of the Parade and that honor was conferred upon the David Lynn who is the object of this sketch.
Mr. Lynn was born in Cumberland and was the oldest son of that popular old citizen, Mr. John Galloway Lynn of “Rose Hill” now within the City limits.  His wife who preceded him to the grave, Mrs. Mary (Mollie) Acheson of Wheeling , West Virginia died Oct. 17, 1892 .
Mr. Lynn leaves four children, two sons and two daughters, Messrs David Lynn, Jr. (IV) and Albert Cummins Lynn, both reside in
Washington D.C. where they hold government positions.  One of the daughters, Mrs. Jack also resides in Washington .  The other one, Mrs. Dosh resides near Baltimore .  He also leaves four sisters,  Mrs. Webster also of Washington D.C. and Misses Mary, Annie and Nellie residing in Baltimore, Maryland, Mr. John Galloway Lynn II, now residing in this city, Mr. Sprigg Lynn, another brother lives in Louisiana.
Mr. David Lynn held a number of important public positions and for the last ten or fifteen years filled a position in one of the departments of the government at Washington .  He was for several years Collector of Tolls on the C&O Canal at this port when that line of transportation was an important factor in the business of this county.  He was also City Tax Collector for Cumberland for two terms.
Mr. Lynn served honorably in the Confederate Army and spent a considerable time in a federal military prison.  He was a man of generous impulses, steadfast and true to his convictions and for many years exerted an influence in the affairs of the Democratic Party in this County.

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