Judge David Lynn
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David Lynn IV Architect

7th Architect of the United States Capitol
David Lynn IV (1873-1961)

David was the son of Capt. David Lynn III, CSA and was born November 10, 1873 inWheeling , West Virginia .  His parents moved the family back to Cumberland, MD where they resided at Rose Hill, the ancestral home built by his great grandfather, Capt. David Lynn II in 1801.

David, aged 11 years, attempted to jump on one of his father’s coal carts on North Centre Street and fell in front of one of the wheels.  The wheel passed over him fracturing his hip bone.  Dr. Whiley rendered medical aid.”  
Copied from the Daily Times of Cumberland , Maryland

David 13 years old

As a youth, David Lynn IV, took a job at the United States Capitol in the late 1800’s as a bicycle policeman.  He was then transferred to the Architect of the Capitol’s office and over the next 20 years worked himself up to the highest position – 7th Architect of the United States Capitol.  He served on Capitol Hill for over fifty years

David Lynn IV married Margaret Allan Trimble on May 7, 1924 in St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Washington D.C.   His nineteen year old nephew, David Lynn V served as his best man.

Margaret, David IV and Best Man, David Lynn V, Nephew
Wedding Day May 7, 1924

Margaret was the daughter of South Trimble and Carrie Allan.  She was born on April 5, 1894 in "Bell’s Grove", Forks of Elkhorn, Franklin Co. Kentucky and diedJanuary 6, 1973 in Washington D.C.  

During World War II, Margaret was a member of the Congressional Daughters and the Capitol Pages War Bond Committees on Capitol Hill.  She served with the Red Cross and their War Bond Committees.  She was an Assistant Sector Air Raid Warden in her residential neighborhood of Cleveland Park, D.C.


Margaret Allan Trimble Lynn (1894-1973)

Children of David and Margaret Lynn

1. David Lynn VI, born November 11, 1925 in Washington D.C.; Died August 2, 2006; Married Barbara Foster MacCollum, born February 20, 1931.

2. South Trimble Lynn, born July 28, 1927; Married Joanne Minter, born October 20, 1932, daughter of Henry Minter and Helen Feeney Minter.

3. Margaret Acheson Lynn, born June 6, 1930, Died June 9, 2006; Married Raymond Leonard Gribben, born February 17, 1920; son of Thomas Gribben.

  “All round the Capitol sound praise of Lynn, Architect of America’s greatest building is a native of Cumberland.  The magazine section of the Washington Sunday Star, Feb. 15, in a page article by Will P. Kennedy captioned “skill of experts displayed by officiates of Capitol Buildings: carries amongst others a picture of David Lynn, Architect of the Capitol who is a native of Cumberland.  Mr. Lynn is seated at his desk.  The opening paragraphs of Mr. Kennedy’s article read; The United States Capitol Building is the very heart of the nation.  It is the work shop of the Congress, which has sole authority to make the laws and of the Supreme Court set up by the Constitution to interpret the laws.  Yet, few persons throughout the country, even members of Congress, appreciate what a sizeable plant the Capitol and its accessory group of buildings really is. 

        Fewer still ever stop to consider that group of earnest and efficient experts, who keep the work shop in shape for Congress and the Supreme Court, while Congress is besieged by job hunters and seekers after political patronage – each one of the 435 members of the House and the 96 members of the Senate having its own trouble in regard – it is worthy of note that come Republicans and go Democrats or vice versa.  No matter which party holds the majority, his group of shop management for the Capitol has been kept uninterruptedly on the job for many years unaffected by the tides or shifting winds of politics.  Heading the list is David Lynn recently promoted to the “Architect of the Capitol” to succeed the late Elliott Woods.  He has been employed for 25 years.  Everyone around the Capitol has a good word for him and he is recognized as a thorough gentleman.”    Source: Cumberland Evening Times, Feb. 20, 1925  

David Lynn IV at his desk in Washington, D.C.

David Lynn IV Swearing in as 7th Architect of the Capitol

Painted on the ceiling of the Capitol Building

The Lynn home on Quebec Street in Washington, D.C.