Judge David Lynn
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Emmanual Episcopal

It was not until the year 1803 that any steps were taken to establish the Protestant Episcopal Church in Cumberland. In the parish records for that year are the names of Lynn, Bruce, Perry, Lamar, Hilleary, Beall, Thistle, Briscoe, Cresap, and Burbridge. After divine service on Easter Monday of 1803 a provisional vestry was chosen, and John Kewley was selected as delegate to the Diocesan Convention, and recommended for holy orders. The first vestry was composed of P. Murdoch, Briscoe, David Lynn, Upton Bruce, Robert Tivis, George Hebb John B. Beall, and Levi Hilleary. The Rev. John Kewley was the first minister of the parish he had previously been lay-reader. He continued to officiate until 1804 and also to minister at Cresaptown, Morley's Branch, and Old Town. His salary was one hundred pounds, equivalent then to $266.66 United States money. The Holy Communion was administered for the first time on the 16th day of October, 1803.The rectorship of Mr. Kewley ended in 1804, and for a quarter of a century the parish was without a pastor; and was served only by passing clergymen. 

It was not until 1829 that the combined efforts of the Episcopalians and Presbyterians secured a place of worship in a brick church on Fort Hill, when, under the rectorship of the Rev. L. H Johns, Lamar and Capt. Lynn deeded the property to Emmanuel parish.

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