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George Minor Lynn

George Minor Lynn (1906-1964)

George Minor Lynn was the son of John Galloway Lynn IV and Ruth Gibbons.  He was born January 28, 1906 in Cumberland, Maryland and died December 3, 1964 in Los Angeles, California.  We do not have much information regarding his personal life or whether or not he was married or had children. 

     He was sometimes credited as George M. Lynn / George Peter Lynn / Peter George Lynn / Peter Lynn

     He was an American general-purpose actor and played scores of younger characters in many Hollywood films during World War II.  The fact that he used so many variations of his name makes tracking his many screen credits a hard job.  He was George Peter Lynn as Professor Fisher in the Republic serial Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941), George Lynn as the heavy in Laurel & Hardy's A-Haunting We Will Go (1943), and Peter Lynn as a reporter in Suddenly It's Spring (1947).  To confuse us even more, he used his real name, George M. Lynn playing bit parts in Something to Live For (1952) and The Bushwacker (1952).  George Lynn also guest-starred on television shows such as The Lone Ranger and Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.

George Minor Lynn married Edith Winifred Goerdeler in New York on June 1, 1947

Edith Winifred Goerdeler was born July 8, 1923 in Hackensack, New Jersey and was raised in Brooklyn, New York.

George and Edith had one child, Daphne Minor Lynn born on January 27, 1952 in Hollywood, California.

Daphne Minor Lynn