Judge David Lynn
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JG Lynn Will

Last Will and Testament of Joseph Galloway.

·                     02/20/1800. Annapolis,Anne Arundel County,Md.

·                     I have copied this last will and testament of the late Joseph Galloway, formerly of West River,Anne Arundel County,Md., from a copy of his will provided by the Maryland State Archives. The reference is: Anne Arundel County, (Md.) Register of Wills (Wills) CM122, Date: 1806, Film Reels: CR 72254-2, Description: JG 2:371-373, Joseph Galloway, MSA Citation: MSA CM122-6.

 "I Joseph Galloway of Anne Arundel County of sound mind memory and understanding do execute, ordain and make this my last Will and testament in manner following:

  Whereas, I heretofore executed a deed of trust to John Galloway and David Lynn of my real and personal estate for payment of debts and to invest the surplus in a stock for my benefit and subject to my disposition after the determination of my natural life, and whereas my debts are all paid, and the trust is so far honorably accomplished, and it is my desire that the real and personal property unsold should be specificially enjoyed, and the trustees for my accommodation and benefit have assented to it, and I am desirous that no person or persons claiming or to claim any benefit of my Estate should in any degree impeach or call in question the conduct of the said Trustees in the conduct of their trust, and their permission for me to enjoy the trust in the manner fixed between us.

  First. I will and desire that my mulatto waiting boy called Jack as Jack Chew, a negroe woman called cloe, a little girl called Cloe and her sister Elisa Grandaughter of negro cloe, be severally set free and manumitted within one month after my decease, and also I will and desire that a mulatto girl named Jenny, now living with my daughter, Lynn be free and manumitted on the 1st day of May 1800.

  Item. My will and desire is that the residue of my personal Estate at the time of my death be divided into two equal parts, one of which I give to my daughter Lynn, the other to my son John Galloway.

  Item. I devise to my son John Galloway and his heirs my old mansion and dwelling plantation, now consisting of two hundred and thirteen acres of land, and I burthen said land with the payment of five hundred pounds current money to my daughter Lynn to be paid with Interest from my death within two years thereafter. I hereby make said sum a lien on said land; and if the said sum with Interest be not paid as herein specified, then at the expiration of said two years, the said land shall be sold for payment thereof. I estimate this land at L1500, and I make this difference between my children in consideration of what I have already done for Mr.Lynn.

  Item. As to any other real Estate in any of the United States to which I am in any manner entitled, I give the same and all my right thereto In fee simple to my daughter Mrs. Lynn and my son John to be equally divided between them.

  Item. It is my further will and desire that if my son John dies before me without issue, or after me not having issue at his death, then everything herein devised to him is to go to my daughter Lynn and his Heirs.

  I lastly appoint my son John and daughter Lynn Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former ones, and I further will and desire that if either my son or daughter or any person claiming under them, impeach or call to account, my Trustees John Galloway and David Lynn or either of them touching or concerning said trust with the execution and disposition of which I am perfectly satisfied then such person shall take nothing by this my Will, but I will and devise the same over to my nephew John Galloway and his heirs as a fund to indemnify said Trustees against any such claim or impeachment.

  Item. If any of the negroes to whom I have given their freedom, be at the time of my death above the age required by law then the maintenance for life of such negro I hereby burthen and impose on my whole Estate real and personal as witness my hand this 20th Feby 1800 in the city of Annapolis.

Signed, sealed, published and declared by Joseph Galloway the above named testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us, who at his request and in his presence, and in presence of each other have subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto." (Unreadable signatures)