Judge David Lynn
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Jane Lynn

Jane Lynn, first daughter of Judge David Lynn and Elisabeth, was born July 16, 1747 and died at the age of 27 on September 15, 1774.

She married Col. Richard Brooke, the "Fighting Quaker" of the Revolutionary War.  He built a large home, "Fair Hill" near what is now the town of Brookeville.  His estate was called "Oakley Farm".
Jane and Col. Brooke had one daughter, Anne Brooke, born 1173.  Anne inherited "Oakely Farm near Sandy Springs, Maryland.   She married William Hammond Dorsey on March 2, 1790.

Col. Richard Brooke breached the Quaker tenet of non-violence which caused him to be "read out of meeting."  This was the fate of many fighting Quakers.

The following article was copied from the website "History of Some Stations of the Underground Railroad"

The Oakley Cabin is named after the historic Oakley mansion which once sat on the piece of land known as "Addition to Brooke Grove."  The colonial manor house was home to Col. Richard Brooke, the "fighting Quaker" of the Revolutionary War.  The Oakley mansion farm did well in the late 1700's with the growth of Brookeville, the village named after the famous Quaker family.  The manor house and land was inherited by Col. Brooke's daughter Anne who, with her husband William Hammond Dorsey of Georgetown, remained there until his death in 1818.