Judge David Lynn
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Lynn Moto

Motto:    Dat Gloria Viris   =  With Glory Comes Strength   

Lynn Crest:

Cambridgeshire, Gules,  a demi-lion rampert-argent, ducally Bordure Sabel Bazantee.

Crest, a demi lion erased argent, ducally crowned or collared-gules.  

Visitation of Cambridgeshire.


Gules, or red, denotes military fortitude and magnanimity. It is also the martyr's color

Argent or silver signifies peace and sincerity.

Sable denotes constancy and sometimes more rarely grief.

Gold denotes generosity and according to Sir John Ferne, elevation of mind. Also denotes faith and constancy

The Lion has always held a high place in heraldry as the emblem of deathless courage.

The Bordure:

This form of bearing is of great antiquity, and was frequently adopted as a "difference" between relatives bearing the same arms. In other cases it was used as an augmentation of honor.

The Basants of the border (so called) from their resemblance to the flat gold coins of the Byzantine empire are employed in modern heraldry to indicate eminence in commercial enterprise.

To the Colors: also there has been assigned certain attributes.

      To red (sometimes called the color of martyrs) is ascribed to charity and magnanimity.

      To white, purity hope and innocents.

      To black, prudence and stability.

      To gold, faith and constancy.


The words, spelling etc. can be attributed to old "trunk" papers of John Galloway Lynn III