Judge David Lynn
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Margaret Acheson Lynn

Margaret Acheson Lynn ((1930-2006)

Margaret Acheson Lynn was born on June 6, 1930 and died June 9, 2006.  She was the daughter of David Lynn IV and Margaret Trimble Lynn.  She married Raymond Leonard Gribben who was born on February 17, 1920.  He was the son of Thomas Gribben

Children of Margaret Acheson Lynn and Raymond L. Gribben:
1. Raymond Lynn Gribben, born 1954.
2. Margaret Lynn Gribben, born 1956.
3. David Lynn Gribbean, born 1958.
4. Thomas Allan Gribben, born 1960.
5. James Acheson Gribben, born 1961.

Margaret with her father and mother at Quebec St. home

Movie Star Van Johnson with Margaret and friend

Cousin David Lynn V and Margaret circa 1953