Judge David Lynn
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William Hammond Dorsey

William Hammond Dorsey (1764-1818)

Researched by Vicki Lynn-Turney

William Hammond Dorsey was born in Oaklands, Anne Arundel, Maryland on February 24, 1764.  He was the son of John Dorsey and Mary Hammond. Dorsey was a very handsome man and was nicknamed "Pretty Billy" by his Quaker neighbors of Sandy Spring.   He died October 10, 1819 at Oakley near Brookville, Maryland.

William H. Dorsey was a Federalist elected to the Maryland Senate and House of Representatives, Treasurer of the Western Shore Journal of Accounts (Maryland State Archives 1797-1801) and was appointed by President Jefferson as the first judge of Orphan's Court.  Dorsey resided in Georgetown in the mansion now known as Dumbarton Oaks.  He built it in 1801/1802 but financial problems forced him to eventually sell it.
Dorsey married Anne Brooke Lynn on March 2, 1790.  She was the daughter of Jane Lynn and Col. Richard Brooke.  Jane Lynn was the daughter of Judge David Lynn.  Anne was born in 1773.  They had 6 children.

In 1802, Dorsey married Rosetta Lynn, who was the aunt of his first wife.  Our family records show that would have been Rosalie Lynn, 4th child of Judge David Lynn.

When Dorsey died in 1819, the property "Oakley Farm" passed to his and Anne's son, Richard Dorsey.  In 1836, Richard Dorsey sold Oakley to Dr. William B. Magruder.